Concorso 2010

Contest location: York University, Keele St. Campus
Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2010.

Students in Grades 10 – 12 are invited to participate in this year’s contest.

The Executive Committee decided on a format that honours tradition and embraces change. With this commitment, we hope to encompass a greater spectrum of student strengths. Students have the option of writing an exam and presenting an oral component OR the option of preparing an artistic piece, which may include – but is not limited to – a dramatic reading, a painting, an original composition delivered orally, or a sculpture. Should your school participate, please note that a teacher or staff representative must be present on the day of the contest at York University, along with participating students. If there is no staff representation the school will be disqualified.

• Option 1 EXAM
(Written and oral component completed on site on May 12)

(Brief oral presentation along with the physical item displayed on May 16)
With the poetry and prose, the final written good copy must be in at least one week prior – May 7th, 2010, for evaluation.

Themes for Option 2:

  • Noi canadesi come vediamo gli italiani?
  • Perchè studio/ho studiato l’italiano?
  • Scegliere una persona italiana che ti ispira (dal mondo politico, artistico, storico o qualcuno in famiglia) e spiegare come e perché?

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