Concorso 2008

Contest location: University of Toronto at Mississauga
Date: Thursday, May 15, 2008.

The Executive Committee decided on a format that honours tradition and embraces change. With this commitment, we hope to encompass a greater spectrum of student strengths. Students have the option of writing an exam and presenting an oral component OR the option of preparing an artistic piece, which may include – but is not limited to – a dramatic reading, a painting, an original composition delivered orally, or a sculpture.

• Option 1 EXAM
(Written and oral component completed on site on May 15)

(Brief oral presentation along with the physical item displayed on May 15)

Themes for option 2:

Noi canadesi come vediamo gli italiani?

Perchè studio/ho studiato l’italiano?

Scegliere una persona italiana che ti ispira (dal mondo politico, artistico, storico o qualcuno in famiglia) e spiegare come e perché?

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